General Information

  • Supported devices

    We currently support these devices below, with many more to come in the future:

    • HTC VIVE
    • Oculus CV1
    • Oculus DK2
    • ...and many more

    We do not support the GearVR, as it is very difficult to publish to Samsung's products due to restrictions on Adult content. Until Oculus and Samsung support content for adults, we cannot offer support for their products.

  • What are AVR, BVR and MVR?

    We currently offer 3 types of VR products to support various devices:

    AVR - Advanced skin rendering, skin physics, LEAP hands integration, Advanced multi lighting

    BVR - Simple shader, Basic lighting

    MVR - Simple shader, Basic lighting (for mobile devices)

  • PC Windows

    We currently support:

    • Windows 7 (64Bit)
    • Windows 8 (64Bit)
    • Windows Server 2012

    After purchase you will be given access to a secure download link containing your product and executables.

    Oculus Rift DK2 support:

    Each product will list what OVR version was used to build the applications. i.e,

    'VR device: Oculus Rift DK2 OVR 0.4.4'

    You will need to make sure you have the correct matching Oculus drivers. We will be updating the products, after each substantial OVR update.

  • Apple MacOS X

    We wont be supporting Apple Mac on launch but we do intend to support Mac in the coming few months. Stay tuned on this.

  • Samsung GearVR

    We do not currently support the GearVR at this time. We cannot until Oculus/Samsung allow adult content and custom pak injection.

    You can write to Oculus here requesting to support us on this.

  • Android smartphone

    We will be releasing some very basic single view (non-VR) products for Android very soon!!

  • I do not have a VR headset, can I view the products?

    Yes it is possible, you can view our products in single view (non-VR) mode. Due to an Oculus SDK issue you will need to uninstall the Oculus drivers for this to work. But we do not recommend viewing the products in single view mode, as they are designed for VR.

Payment System

  • Which payment methods do you support?

    We currently support:

    CCBill - Credit/debit Card

    Epoch - Credit/debit Card, PayPal, Clickandbuy

    BitPay - Bitcoins


    We recommend trying Epoch first, then CCBill, lastly Bitpay.

  • Epoch and PayPal Supported Countries

    Epoch allows PayPal payments but they do not support all countries. This will change.

    Here are the countries that Epoch/PayPal currently support:

  • How does the deposit system work?

    We are currently testing a deposit system where users can deposit funds into their user account and leave them over time, to be used in the future at any point.

    Any time a new product is released you will be able to login and use your deposited funds to purchase without the need to make a new payment.

  • Are payments anonymous?

    Yes. CCBill and Epoch take charges on credit/debit card with a discreet description. There is no reference to on your statements. Bitpay does the same with the bitcoin payments.

  • Are payments secure?

    Yes, our website uses CCBill, Epoch and Bitpay as payment gateways. They are the safest payment gateways specialized for the adult entertainment industry. They use secure protocol, so your transaction will be completely safe.

    Your credit card information will not be stored on our servers.

  • Is there a refund policy for downloaded content?

    All content purchased from the VRGIRLZ store are final, and no refunds will be provided.

General Questions

  • Will you have animations?

    They are trivial to add but will never look 100% realistic. We have already tested with them, we hope to add breathing animations soon.

    Our products contain a versioning system, so we will keep upgrading the products over time. We hope to introduce animations very soon.

  • When will you have new models?

    We plan to book at least one new model a month to be scanned. With your support we can book and process many more but the products take time to generate. From booking, scan, sculpt to real-time processing, this all takes time and money.

    If you support us, we can scale up and begin to produce much more content.

  • How can we offer our support?

    You will help greatly by purchasing our products. Also, spread the word by social media and recommendations. Plus repeat visits to and usage of our products.

    We are starting small, with grand plans for the future.

    Help us create the future for better “digital” and “analogue” liaisons.

  • Where can I buy a VR head set?

    You can order an Oculus Rift DK2 development kit from:

Other questions

  • Got your own questions?

    Contact us by email at:

    support [at] vrgirlz [dot] com