Another week and another update. We're in this for the long haul, travelling the longest road. We are striving for realism, we may not achieve it, we most certainly wont please everyone but this is our goal. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all the customers who have purchased with us at over the last 2 weeks. It's been an inspiration to see that there is real interest and support in our passion for VRGIRLZ.

To get in the mood, please check out this track:
Hourglass by SURVIVE has received a great deal of consistent traffic and it's been a fantastic test bed for our server, store and early version products.

We have had a few issues with a couple of products that haven't run on some peoples machines, these should now be fixed. Considering the power of the Oculus SDK and the fact that VR is in development, it's been very smooth. This is a great testament to Oculus VR.

Our customer base is growing steadily and we have had some incredibly positive and constructive feedback from customers. This will really help us improve our content for you.

We also receive some negative feedback, this is great, as long as it is constructive. We can't please everyone with the style of our work, some people wont like the models and poses but we are doing our best. This is a new field and we are finding our feet. Your support now will help us on this road to provide better more higher quality content. We have grand plans for the future, what we have now is very basic and only the beginning.

Our payment system(s) have also faired quite well. We still have a few teething problems with them but we are working on fixing that.

If you have had any problems with your orders, payments or the functionality of the products, please contact us: support (at) vrgirlz (dot) com

Introducing our latest updates

Last week we published 2 more BVR products featuring Ariel and this week we have introduced 2 more BVR products of Sapphire Blue and Kayla Louise. It takes us time to go through the 1000's of poses we have recorded, to clean and publish them. We also have a back catalogue of newer models who we will be introducing over time.

They may not all be to your liking, but please be patient with us, we hope to introduce many more over the coming months and years.


VRGirlz-Ariel-III-01 VRGirlz-Ariel-II-01 VRGirlz-Saph-11 VRGirlz-Kayla-10c

BVR version updates

Over time we will be updating our products. Our latest products are at Version 1.33. For BVR's we aim to introduce animations around Version 1.5. So stay tuned. You will get a notification when you start your product on the loading screen.


You will then need to login to your account on and go the downloads section then download the latest version update. You will see the newer version listed there.


For Version 1.33 we have also introduced a basic sky and lighting system for the BVR products. These really just tint the scene, for setting the mood. The AVR products will have a much more advanced rendering system.

screenshot-1 screenshot-2 screenshot-3 screenshot-4 screenshot-6

All version updates are free.

AVR release schedule

We plan to release our first AVR (advanced virtual rendering) products on the 6th April, 2015. As you may remember we are not great at sticking to our goals! But this is the current plan. The first early versions of the AVR products will be quite limited to start with but over time they will advance, with more features added. Like LEAP hands, physics, better skin, better lighting, animations etc The early versions will be similar to BVR but with more advanced lighting and skin shading.

We also plan to update to Unity 5 over the coming months, as well as update to the latest Oculus SDK drivers 0.5 +, once they have settled.

Customers suggestions

Mixing models? A few customers have emailed us asking for a system where they can mix scans together. Damn awesome idea! We can't do that currently but we could possibly create a master viewing application, where you can "plug & play" in, your purchased products. It will mean re-authoring content but we should be able to do this. We will look into this over the coming months.

"Why is the hair in a bun!?" It's not sexy I know, unless you like that secretary look? :) We have all the models tie their hair up, tight and compact as possible before they are scanned, so for the future we can easily author already published data quickly. We can compact and remove any unwanted hair and add in our simulated hair solution, which is currently in development. This means the models can have any hair style you want! And not just one style ..but multiple hair styles you can swap in real-time.

We will be implementing TressFX, combined with our own deferred hair shader. 120fps will be tricky!!




Listing the Version changes? On we have now added a 'Change log' tab to each product, so you can track the progress of each product as it is updated. (thanks to 'fluffy' for that one!)


Glide mode? For Version 1.33 we have added a glide mode for fixed lateral movement, kind of simulated walking at a set height. This can be activated by pressing 'g' (thanks to 'glenn' for that one!)

Already purchased! If you have purchased with us already, we now notify you of this (when you are logged in) So you can't double purchase by mistake (thanks to 'quile' for that one!)


Quit (q) to sudden! We have now added a buffer transition, so when you press Q you will be given the choice to leave, or to stay. It can also act as an 'incognito' windows display ;)

Why such a boring background? It's a temporary solution. Until we have integrated the custom features that we require from UE4 into Unity 5 (like ambient occlusion, more advanced PBR and reflections) The backgrounds will be basic. We are working on some interesting research that we hope to share soon.

Next up..

The focus is now 100% on AVR production, we will still be releasing BVR products just not as frequently. Maybe 4 or 5 a month. The good thing is development on AVR, BVR and MVR are all cross related, AVR being the more advanced but all are developed in unison.

We have added many more little tweaks and fixes to the website and products. We do listen. We do care about quality. If you have any ideas, suggestions or see any bugs, please let us know by email or post here, if you have time.

We also love reading your Reviews on the products, please do post Reviews, good or bad.


Thanks for making this journey worthwhile, together, we have a long way to go VR Pioneers!