Time for an update. We've been very busy!

Let's add some colour!

We are making a very careful and slow transition over to Unity 5 and 'trying' to integrate the new Unity Utilities for Unity 5 V0.1.0-beta (emphasis on beta)

The current Unity utilities tool is broken, so we need to wait a further 2 weeks for Unity to release an update for this. As well as wait for Unity's full SDK 0.7 support. The wait will be worth it.

The transition over to Unity 5 also breaks a lot of our tools. Especially our custom skin shader and certain scripts. We are working hard on fixing these issues but we are reliant on other external factors.

Please bare with us. We hope to roll out version updates for all products over the coming month, to get them inline with SDK 0.7. We are all on the cutting edge. VRGIRLZ as a developer and you as the VR pioneers. It's a bumpy road!

We have been experimenting with real-time GI and screen space reflections which are producing some very interesting results. We also have our first early version of a real-time hair simulation system running in Unity 5. We are still working on our hair shader, so this is a basic example:



Production has officially been dropped until more stable support is offered to developers from Samsung and Oculus. OS Lollipop is still causing problems, we have been waiting for an Oculus/Qualcomm fix for a while now. Sales on the GearVR have also been disappointing in comparison to the DK2. The closed wall publication system has created many hurdles for us, it's made it difficult to produce and sell products. 


At the moment we only support Windows 7 and Oculus Rift DK2 OVR 0.4.4

We are also starting development on converting all BVR and AVR packs into simple "Model Packs" that will allow you to inject them into our new "Master Viewer" tool. This is a huge change to our product line and it will allow customers the ability to load in and mix an infinite amount of combinations of models together.  As well as load in different environments and interiors!

Big thanks for your support.

More to come soon.