We've finally updated our Unity BVR and AVR products.

Our CV1 kits arrived last week and we have been busy beavering away on support for the Oculus SDK 1.31. for the CV1. It's great to be back in VR with the girlz!

We are still working on future developments with UE4 but we wanted to make sure current customers can finally get access to use their older products with the Oculus SDK 1.3.1. We now have support for the DK2 and CV1. As long as you meet the Oculus defined PC requirements you should be able to achieve 90fps on the CV1 and 75fps on the DK2, with XBox controller support and CV1 room scale.

There are some caveats to our updates

Unity 5 broke a lot of our previous development work. Unity have fundamentally changed their own shadow system (for the worse), which we relied heavily on for the visual realism of our products. So we've had to make some work arounds, this has had an impact on performance. You will still notice artefacts but there is not much more we can do about this, it's the best we can achieve in Unity at the moment. We blame the universal PCF shadow system and Unity's new implementation. Unity have on their own road map for some fixes to this, which we will support.

We've also had to drop support for skin physics and skin wet painting, as again the Unity 5 upgrade means some core changes happened to the new physX system, which we cannot work around. So our hands are literally tied..

There are also a few other minor bugs in the products which we are working on. Please keep an eye out for them.

Before you purchase..

Our products are still early in development, they are VERY basic and limited in scope. They are work in progress. You cannot do much apart from fly around and view naked women frozen in time. If you purchase with us, you are showing us support and allowing us to continue development. We cannot officially join the ranks of the Oculus store or STEAM due to the nature of our content. So we need every bit of support we can get. If you purchase with us, you are buying into the future of adult entertianment development.

Sadly we've had to drop MVR (GearVR) product support. As without access to pak injection or official store access with Samsung and Oculus it's just not worth our time pursuing this. Maybe at a later date when production publication is less restricted.

HUGE thank you to all our customers who have waited so patiently for us to upgrade to the latest SDK.

It's been a very slow process for us as we are in a transitional state with development but we're doing our best to keep things moving. Development is slow but steady.

If you have any issues or find any bugs please do let us know at support "at" vrgirlz "dot" com