4D Motion Scanning (scans in time)

Since we released our 4D motion scan prototype demos we have had some great responses. We've listened to your feedback and found some ways to optimize our demos to play a little faster and to package smaller. We've reduced the package file sizes by over half already and they consume much less system ram.

GTX980 4GB compatibility

In the last week we have found some methods to be able to compress our models by half and also reduce our texture requirements by half as well. This should allow for the 4D motion scan demos to play back on lower end machines. Specifically to work on GTX980 (4GB) cards without stutter.

We only currently support the Oculus CV1 headset, these demos have very basic VR implementation.

We recommend Windows 10 OS, minimum of 8GB of RAM, GTX980 (4GB), 5GB of drive space per demo and to run these demos from a fast SSD drive to hit the desired frame rates. If your system doesn't meet the bare minimum requirements you will notice stuttering.

We have only just touched the surface of what we can do with this data. There are many other methods of compression we can use in future as well as re-use matching mesh frame anchors and unwrapped uv data. This is all still just a prototype proof of concept : )

4D Tech Spec

We offer 2 types of demos below. One is a 15 second playback, the other is a 30 second playback. We can in theory record and playback upto 5 minutes.

Our system currently records at 30fps with 2K texture streaming. Our meshes are 100,000 polygon per frame.

Our cameras record at 6K at 30fps. We can also record at 4K at 60fps-240fps which we are experimenting with. 60fps playback in a 90fps VR environment is quite intriguing for adult content! There is however not much decernable difference between a 60fps, 90fps and 120fps recording.

60fps will be our goal moving forwards.

Moving to fullbody capture will not change our playback sizes, it just means we will capture water tight content.

(We will be hosting these demo with Wetransfer)

You will need 7-zip (.7z) to unzip the file.

Chloe-06-Sec04_vr Chloe-06-Sec04_m
Chloe-07-Sect05_vr Chloe-07-Sect05_m
Chloe-09-Sec07_vr Chloe-09-Sec07_m

Please let us know how you get on. Do these new optimized demos work for you?

Thanks for reading from the VEIVIEV team!